Get To Know Altura Aesthetics Lead Skincare and Transformation Expert, Dr. Altaf Khumree

At Altura Aesthetics, we understand the importance of having a trusting, doctor-to-customer relationship, which is why we encourage you to come in for a FREE consultation with one of our skincare experts to determine if working with Altura Aesthetics is right for you.

Customers put their trust in our hands everyday to make themselves look their very best – it’s something we take very seriously.

But before you book for a FREE consultation, we thought you’d like to know a little more about lead skincare and transformation expert, Dr. Altaf Khumree and get his thoughts on Botox, lip enhancement and Revanesse cosmetic fillers.


What peaked your interest in the art of Botox and cosmetic injections and led you to where you are today?

I have always been fascinated by art and a fan of art work from around the world. I view the aesthetic process as a form of art, a form of sculpting to perfection. But, what I also like is the fact that these are non-permanent procedures, so that if in the rare event a customer is not happy with the results, they won’t need to live with those results the rest of their life. If in the rare event the customer is unsatisfied,  we will make note of it and work with the customer to help them achieve their desired look.


People must come to you all the time unsure if cosmetic injections such as Botox, lip enhancements or cosmetic fillers are right for them, what do you tell customers during the free consult?

In the free consultation, it is important to set right expectations for the customer. I ask the customer what bothers them most about their facial appearance. Then from there, I give my own feedback on what I can do to potentially help them achieve their desired appearance.

It is also very important during the free consultation to disassemble any irregular expectations a customer has and set the right expectations during this visit. My goal is to help the customer age gracefully. Often customers want to remove 25-30 years from their age and in most cases, that is unrealistic.

With lip enhancement, there is a fad about the “Kylie Jenner” lips and I certainly can assist with this, although I caution people, this look does not suit all facial profiles. If I feel it is an appropriate fit for the customer, I will go ahead with the procedure. But if I don’t feel lip enhancement is right for the customer, I will not do the procedure, as whatever I do reflects my work. I want my customers to leave feeling confident about their new look and not ridiculed because they chose a look that doesn’t suit their face.

Note- lip enhancement is often a gradual process, which may need to be done over two-to-three sessions to achieve the volume and size that a customer is looking for.  


What are some common fears and misconceptions about Botox, lip enhancements and cosmetic fillers that customers come to you with, and how do you deal with customer's questions?

Often clients ask me what is the “right age” to start Botox. There is no right age and I personally do not believe in and do not administer prophylactic Botox (Botox which is intended to prevent wrinkles before they begin to show). For me: No wrinkles = No Botox!

Also, I’m often asked how often Botox needs to be injected in order to maintain the customer’s desired look. I tell them if they like the results, they would need touch ups on Botox every three-to-four months, with the follow-up injections usually costing less than the starting amount.  

With lips, genetics play a large role in the size and shape and thus I see no harm in starting at younger ages (18-years-old and older), if wanted by the customer. But as I said before, I also talk to the customer and advise them on whether lip enhancement is right for them. I want my customers to leave feeling confident about their new look and not ridiculed because they chose and look that doesn’t suit their face.

Revanesse fillers in particular have proven to last for 10-14 months (although results differ from person-to-person). I base this on my personal experience using the product and on my client’s feedback. This time period also correlates with the medical studies done on Revanesse’s lasting qualities.


Over the years I'm sure you've helped a lot of people, what's your favourite customer transformation story?

I think for me it would be a client by the name of “Jane”. She is a middle-aged lady with a number of personal stressors and some mental health issues in her life. For “Jane”, a little cosmetic enhancement helped her build self-esteem and confidence, which in turn helped her live a happier, less stressful life.

Anytime my work makes an impact on the person as a "whole", it has a memorable impact on me and my team. 


What do you love about your role with Altura Aesthetics?

I love having the freedom of working within my values as a physician, which are to treat every person with the same respect I’d want to be treated with if I was in their position. I also like having the freedom to work with each individual customer on what they’d like to achieve, rather than being told by some head office somewhere that I need to do things a certain way.



Before moving to Canada, Altaf received his medical degree in South Africa. Altaf believes caring for a patient begins with mutual trust, and from there, treating his patients with the respect and compassion he would hope to be treated with if he was in their position.

Away from the office, he enjoys walking his dogs, reading and generally broadening his knowledge to better serve his patients.