Strathmore Doctor’s Advice on Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

As summer comes to an end, people will soon be dressing warmer and thinking to themselves they made it through another summer without drawing too much attention to their stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a fairly common skin condition that roughly half the population has or will experience in their lifetime. And although they don’t pose any significant health risk, they can cause psychological distress to a person’s self confidence.  

Stretch marks are often caused by pregnancy, large amounts of weight gain or loss, and growth spurts. They are usually found on a person’s waist, upper leg, arm pits or chest.  

Dr. Altaf Khumree of Altura Aesthetics offers this advice to people who are looking for a way to disguise or remove their stretch marks before they go on that Mexican cruise in a few months.

“I recommend using a prescription tretinoin gel two-to-three times a week and Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair formula daily to combat the appearance of stretch marks.”

The tretinoin gel will help restore colour to the area, thus disguising your stretch marks, with the Super Rich Repair formula giving your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs to remain strong and healthy.

Side effects of tretinoin gel include redness or peeling where the product has been applied, sensitivity to sunlight and burning easier (please make sure to always wear sunscreen) and minor irritation and/or itchiness of the skin.   

Please talk to your doctor about using tretinoin gel to make sure it’s right for you.  

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