How To Use Dermalogica’s NEW Daily Superfoliant to Combat Premature Aging, Brought on by Air Pollution

More and more, beauty companies and skincare experts are making the connection between air pollution and premature aging of the skin.

Research has shown that particulate matter or PMs, such as, dust, nitrogen dioxide, and chemicals like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are in the air – usually in more abundance in larger cities –  have an impact on aging the skin.

So how do we stop air pollution’s impact on our skin?

Dermalogica’s NEW Daily Superfoliant is designed to fight air pollution PMs which trigger premature aging.

This advanced formula comes in a powder, which activates upon contact with water, releasing powerful enzymes, skin-smoothing alpha hydroxy acids and anti-pollution technology.

Activated Binchotan Charcoal helps purify the skin and adsorbs air-born, environmental toxins from deep inside your pores, while Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract help prevent the damage air pollution can cause to your skin.

This product is also formulated without artificial fragrances, colors or parabens.

Key Benefits of Daily Superfoliant

·         Resurfaces and deep cleanses for your smoothest skin ever

·         Can be used daily to rid your skin of radicals caused by air pollution

·         Adsorbs environmental pollutants and helps detoxify pores

·         Helps fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin aging

How to Use Daily Superfoliant

1-      Wash your face with your normal facial cleanser – We recommend Dermalogica’s Clean Bar

2-      While your hands are still wet, sprinkle about half a teaspoon on to your hands

3-      Rub your hands together creating a creamy paste

4-      Massage the creamy paste on your face in a circular motion, avoiding contact with your eyes, for about 2-minutes

5-      Rinse your face with warm water

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