Revanesse for Lips

*25% off fillers until October 31st!

Looking to add volume to your lips? Altura uses Revanesse Kiss, a product from Canadian company Revanesse, dedicated to adding that something extra while keeping a natural look. The ease in which this product can be administered leads to fewer incidences of swelling and leaves you feeling confident walking out the door!

Pricing: Revanesse Kiss - (Half/Full) - $260/500

*Prices do not include 5% GST

To add that extra oomph to your lips after getting treated with Revanesse Kiss, we recommend Dermalogica’s renewal lip complex – perfect for minimizing contour lines and preventing signs of aging caused a damaging side-effect of sugar/protein reactions in the skin. This will leave your lips feeling smooth and protected. Learn more about the product and buy online by visiting the Dermalogica website.

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